If you are looking for designers who will truly listen to your desires and work to bring your story to life...
you've come to the right place.
Barbour/LaDouceur Architects was started with the idea that quality design truly can make the world a better place. With a focus on public architecture - interpretive museums, heritage centers, preschools, public transit, historic renovation and community planning - the stories and heritage of a community become the basis for design.
Each building is a unique structure born out of the ideas, dreams and stories of the community it serves. The architecture we create is not our signature - it's theirs.
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  The Nicollet: The tallest residential tower in Minneapolis!   view project   buy a condo
  Janis LaDouceur wins AIA National Young Architect of the Year! view article
  Janis LaDouceur wins AIA Minnesota Young Architect of the Year! view article
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